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Firstly it is necessary for every person or association to understand the impact of the cyber world on the life of people, on networks or technology.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crimes are the crimes that involve the computer, network or internet. The computer systems are
used in the commission of the criminal offense, or it might be the target. Cybercrimes can be outlined  as:
"Offences which is committed to affecting any person or  association or country with an agenda to damage
his name, or  to damage him socially, mentally or any directly or indirectly loss to the victim by the means
of networks like a net (networks include not restricted to chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups)
and by the means of mobile phones (Bluetooth/SMS/MMS)" which are used by every individual.

Mostly Cybercrime is done to threaten someone or a nation's security and for money. There are issues of privacy once hint is intercepted or disclosed, lawfully or otherwise. Internationally, governmental and nonstate actors together engross in cyber crimes, as well as spying, money thievery, and many cross-border crimes. Activity crossing international borders and involving the interests of a minimum of
one nation-state is typically observed as Cyber Warfare.

Types of cybercrime:-
  •    Virus dissemination
  •    Phishing
  •    Email Spamming
  •    Atm and Credit card Frauds
  •    Identity Theft and many more

Cyber Crime is increasing in Delhi by every passing day. Acc. to economic times in every 10 min.
one cybercrime is done in India. The cybercrime includes globally ransomware attacks which had hit thousands of systems, to phishing and scanning rackets.Cyber Crime in Delhi is increasing due to less awareness of how badly it could affect them socially, mentally, financially.These days various cyber crimes like email hacking, fake social media profile, debit/credit card frauds, lottery scams, fake insurance schemes, e-theft and online cheating are more done in Delhi NCR.

How to protect yourself from Cyber Crimes?

INDIAN CYBER ARMY is an Association of Ethical Hackers & RESOURCE CENTER for National
Police Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Research Centers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies,
Academic Leaders along with Individuals to meet the long-term security challenges in the digital arena
in the modern world and to ensure a Positive Impact on Reducing Cyber Crimes & Attacks.

Indian Cyber Army is  working for 6 years for you and the nation to protect them from unethical hacking and cyber frauds. To achieve this, it produces useful tools, such as crime prevention strategy, cybercrime investigation training, suggestions on laws & policies, etc.Its main motto is to make Cyber Crime Free India. For this INDIAN CYBER ARMY have established a Cyber Crime helpline, so as to receive the complaints about further action. To make cyber crime free India just join hands with us, if anyone faces such issues regarding it just contact our cyber crime helpline number +91-99 6860 0000 .


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